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Description Specification Details MM Low-profile 'stealth' dash cam sits unnoticed behind your rear view mirror, ready to back you up in the event of any incident on the road. Sony Exmor Sensor captures everything in super-sharp full 1080p resolution with super-wide 170° field of view and maintains strong performance i AUKEY Dash Cam Full HD 1080P Car Camera 6-Lane 170° Wide Angle, Supercapacitor, WDR Night Vision Dashboard Camera with G-Sensor, Loop Recording and Dual-Port Car Charger These two are even mentioned for this reason as cards NOT to use in the dashcam's user manual. The Verdict. The AUKEY DR02 Dash Cam has very good resolution, providing high quality pictures, and 1080p video in both day and night. I was really surprised how well the pictures and videos looked on my 32" desktop monitor when playing back the recorded footage. Aukey DR-01 [REVIEW] 31 July 2017. aukey dash cam amazon aukey dash cam dr-01 aukey dash cam dr-01 manual aukey dash cam dr-01 review aukey dash cam full hd 1080p Next Article Pluto Trigger [REVIEW] UnboxSpace. Related Posts. Aukey DR-02 [REVIEW] 13 August 2017. One Response. Leave a Buy AUKEY Dash Cam, 1080p Dash Camera for Cars with 6-Lane Lens, 2.7 Inch LCD, Motion Sensor, Loop Recording and Night Vision: On-Dash Cameras - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases I've emailed customer support to see if I am in fact up sh!t creek without a paddle, but wouldn't you think they would have put that little bit of information in the DR-01 manual as well instead of just putting in the DR-02 manual?!? Update: This deal is available again with new promo codes. Aukey Direct via Amazon has Aukey DR-02 1080p Dash Cam on sale for $55.99 after promo code 75DLGPXU.Shipping is free.Thanks Christina.Shell Aukey Direct via Amazon also has Aukey DR-02 1080p Dual Dash Cam on sale for $114.39 after promo code QX5G678Y. Install Dash Cam (Aukey DR-H1) in 2012 Honda Civic (9th Generation) Manual + Registration Card (extends warranty by 6 months to 30 months warranty) Camera Closeup. It's very small and covert when installed, seems solid with great build quality. As you can see it uses the 3M double-sided Aukey DR-01 review: The Aukey DR-01 is a basic dash cam - but it does its intended job reasonably well for the money. Aukey DR-01 - Menu, Manual Settings and Optional Safety Features. This brings me to this week's review of the Aukey DR-01. Priced at $89.99, the DR-01 is an affordable dash cam geared toward folks on a budget. That limited budget, by the way, will have to The Aukey DR-02 is recommended not only for people that appreciate of long warranty (this one's up to two years) but lo The Aukey DR-02 is recommended not only for people that appreciate of long warranty (this one's up to two years) but lo

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